The VGIK International Student Festival is a Russian film, television and theater festival organized by the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, also known as VGIK, which is one of the world’s oldest film schools and one of the most prestigious film schools in Russia. This piece is a promotional video designed for this festival. I was inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky who for me is the most spiritual and poetic director of all time. Film for him was not just a reflection of reality; it was more like a poem or a dream. This piece depicts a journey of a spectator who travels into an eye to explore what is behind the eye. The eye here is a metaphor of filmmaker’s ideas and thoughts toward filmmaking and life. The technique used for this piece is live action, compositing combined with stop-motion, tying to Tarkovsky’s vision and is reflecting the dreamy quality of the spectator’s trip.   
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